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Hello Pen Pals,

Do you remember the Telephone Game? Kids would sit in a circle while one person begins by whispering a sentence into the next person’s ear. That person passes on what they heard to the next person, and on and on until it gets back to the original person. It is always so comical because somewhere, in making its way around the circle, the message loses most, if not all of its meaning. 

At work sometimes communication is much like a game of Telephone. Co-workers, clients, customers, vendors, and employees can hear different things at different times. When you add a virtual assistant in your business, it is crucial that the lines of communication stay open and that everyone involved understands what is being communicated. While a virtual assistant may not be an actual employee of your business, they are part of your team.

When bringing a virtual assistant to work for you, think about sharing with them your goals as a company. Allowing them some insight into business goals and how you plan to reach those goals gives the virtual assistant some buy in. Go one step further and let the VA in on the role they will be playing reaching those goals. Let them know your “Why” for doing what you do in business and how their accomplishments will be valuable to the company. This gives the virtual assistant a purpose for each of the tasks they may do for you or your company. 

If you are working with a team, keep repeating your expectations. We all crave consistency and knowing what to expect and what the end result should look like benefits all parties. After meeting with a potential client for a consultation, we have a pretty clear idea of what the client wants the VA to do for them. However, when the client meets the VA for the first time, I always ask the client to repeat exactly what they hope to get out of this working relationship. 

Finally, there is nothing wrong in asking for clarity. Red Pen Virtual Assistants have no problems asking questions. As teachers we learn very quickly to ask questions. And something amazing happens when you ask questions…you learn.

So here’s a question…how can we help you?

Best Regards,


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